Image: SAAVD, The Unrest Grows Beware traveler, for to journey across this wild and anarchic land is to wager both life and soul. Demons haunt the shadows and yea, sometimes even the light, in a world built betwixt the battles of the Gods themselves. Spires of stone pierce the vault of the sky and the great Scar, legacy of the Breaking of the World, plunges to depths still undiscovered by the bravest of adventurers. The great River Soulcalm rushes from one side of Godsring to the other, bringing the foolhardy and the brave to write their stories in blood and sacrifice.
The Next World

"The Face of the Next World will be determined in Azorealm. Whosoever peacefully unites the city under a single God shall Write upon the World their Will." So goes a portion of what is known as the Azorealm Prophecy and is the reason the city of Azorealm is free from open battles between militant adherents of the many deities of Saavd.

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